A list of links to posts concerning my experience with the Steps.

A Minute to Learn:  Just how long does it take to do 12 Steps, anyway?

Step Zero:  The Step before the Steps.

Powerless:  The first half of the first Step.

A Point of Order:  Is it absolutely positively necessary to complete each Step in the order written?

Honest Doubt: and Honest Doubt (cont):  Coming to terms with a Higher Power.

AA’s Fourth Step (part 1):  Why?

AA’s Fourth Step (part 2):  Getting started on the dreaded 4th Step.

AA’s Fourth Step (part 3):  Wherein we bring a note-book and a box of No.2 Pencils.

AA’s Step 5: Can we talk about this?

AA’s Step 6:  With a bit of wisdom from St. Augustine.

AA’s Step 7:  I didn’t do it.

Removing Defects:  What to do while you’re waiting for God to remove your defects.

No Fear Please:  If you believe the disease is out in the parking lot waiting to ambush you, you’re missing the point.

Step 8:  Grab a few more No.2 pencils.

Apology and Amends—Step 9:  Wait.  You want me to do what?!

Step 10 – Onward and Upward: Keeping the house clean during our daily life.

  1. Ron, I have just discovered your blog. It is now June 2014… you continue to write about your journey? The most recent post I read was recommended books. What you have available on your step-work is especially helpful to me now. I have been drinking the last 10 months after being alcohol free four years. I made a call to the local AA office and have found a meeting to go to….I need an actively spiritual recovery this time as I have been living in a state of fear far too long. I am grateful this day that I found your voice…God bless.


    • Hi, Elaine, thank you. I’m glad some of this was helpful. Yes, the blog is still active. I’ve been crazy busy of late with visitors and the advent of rainy season here, tho. If you’d like, you can follow the Spirit of Recovery and get email notification when I post new material. Just click on the button near the top of the right sidebar of the home page.

      If you have any specific questions or topics you’d like to see discussed, per me know either in the comments or drop me an email!


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