Best Ways to Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test for Weed

Are you looking for the best ways to pass the mouth swab drug test for weed and successfully accomplish your job? Then, you are at the right place (here you will get a complete guide and advice to pass the oral swab drug test with minimum effort:
Mouth swab drug test is easy to pass as compared to the blood, urine, or hair follicle drug test. Because it detects the substances in the saliva a few days earlier-have a shorter detection time. Moreover, it is gaining importance for the authorities as it is inexpensive and easy to perform without the need for the medical officer. What is the process of mouth swab drug testing and how you can pass it? Keep on reading to explore answers to these questions.

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test and its Working?

Also known as oral fluid or saliva drug test, the mouth swab drug test is used by employers to detect substance abuse in the employees. There is no difference between the mouth swab or saliva drug tests, both are terms used for the same test. It screens the saliva and is considered difficult to temper with the samples. Some notable points make it the best alternative to other types of drug tests.

  • Least invasive process
  • Easy to perform
  • Provide instant result
  • Inexpensive than urine and hair follicle tests
  • Can be performed on-site
  • Difficult to temper the sample

Unlike the detection of various compounds offered by urine and hair follicle drug test, mouth swab drug tests detect the active version of THC in the saliva.

How Mouth Swab Drug Test is Performed?

Mouth swab drug tests follow these basic points to detects the compounds after smoking cannabis in the employee’s saliva.

  • Eating or drinking before the test is prohibited at least ten minutes before the test.
  • A collection stick with an absorbent pad is used to collect the sample for the test.
  • The sample is then analyzed on-site and detects substance abuse.

The sample can be sent to the laboratory for screening. In such a case, it will take 24 hours for the results.

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Saliva Drug Test?

The drug test detection period for mouth swab tests depends upon various factors including the sensitivity of the device and how much substance is consumed. Generally, the saliva drug test detection time for THC ranges from 34-48 hours after last use.

How To Clear THC From Your Saliva

If you want to pass an oral swab drug test for weed, you have to clear the THC fastest from your system in an effective way. Various home remedies are also used to pass a saliva drug test or cotton swab drug test. Following tips will be effective to clean THC from your body.

  • First, as a general rule of thumb, quit intaking drugs or smoking when you came to know about the drug test. You are likely to pass the drug test for saliva without any remedy if you quit pot consumption 1 or 2 days before the test. Because the oral swab drug test detection time for THC is shorter, unlike other tests.
  • Wash and clean the mouth with water. Proper brushing two to three times a day and enough water drinking keeps the mouth fresh and remove the leftover drinks and food.
  • Mouthwash can also help you to clear your saliva but hydrogen peroxide is the best option. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide-swish it for 30 seconds around the mouth and don’t ingest other food or drink after cleansing.
  • Chew a couple of pieces of gums to increase the chances of passing the saliva drug test. Chewing gums increase the rate of salivation and dilute the concentration of the substance to be detected. Cinnamon and solid citrus flavors are best practices to adopt for the test.
  • If you have a surprise mouth swab drug test and just 10 to 15 minutes to prepare yourself, just open up the sour candies and keep them in your mouth. It is proven that sour candies make the saliva acidic giving a poor performance in the detection.
  • Among the tastiest remedies to pass the saliva test is the eating up of fatty and greasy food. Eat whatever options you have like the fries, burger, or pizza, as it draws the THC residues out of your mouth. Other options may include eggs, avocados, nuts, and cheese to flush the THC from the saliva.
  • If you want pure home remedies, using apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are the readily available options. Both these solutions can change the ph or acidity of the mouth to pass the drug test.

Best Detox Product For Mouth

If you don’t have time and need an instant solution to beat the saliva drug test, detox mouthwashes are the best option to avail. These detoxifying solutions cleanse the mouth effectively for quick results.

Ultra Wash Toxin Cleansing Mouthwash

Ultra wash toxin cleansing mouthwash cleanse the toxins from the oral fluids of the mouth including alcohol, THC, or nicotine. Shake the bottle well, and consume half of the liquid. Be careful not to ingest it, just swish it out and repeat the procedure after five minutes with the remaining bottle. It is known to work well even if you have used marijuana on the test day.

High Voltage Saliva Cleanse Detox Mouthwash

The effect of High Voltage Saliva Cleanse Mouthwash lasts for about one hour to pass the test. A few minutes prior to the test, shake the bottle, swish, and spit and simply pass your mouth swab drug test. To avoid exposure to toxins, don’t eat or drink after using mouthwash.

Federal and State Drug Testing Laws

Generally, the policies and laws for drug testing vary from state to state but complement with the federal laws. The state and local laws for protecting the privacy of employees also vary by considering their health and safety. Drug tests are conducted by employers to keep the workplace safe from the person using illegal drugs that may affect productivity.
Some departments like transportation, aviation, and defense have their own rules, laws, and devices for drug testing. You should keep updated on the state and departmental laws for drug testing.