I’m a 57-year-old recovered alcoholic. Around 5 years ago I recovered via the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, but without the fellowship of AA.

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened to bring about that recovery, conversing face-to-face with fellow alcoholics, participating in on-line discussions, and reading as much as I could on the subject. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot of BS floating around both the real world and the internet concerning the problem and the solution.

This blog was conceived in loving-kindness to help those who still suffer in the problem or struggle to maintain a fragile sobriety move beyond limiting beliefs and constricting definitions; to inspire you, motivate you, and even validate you; to be a source of hope in a cynical world.

If an entry resonates with you, or if you have questions or concerns about anything you read here, please contact me through the comments section, or e-mail me at [email protected].

May you find blessings and peace, sooner rather than later, and in abundance.

  1. I have been struggling with getting sober for several years. I just found this blog and love it so far. I have struggled with things “in the rooms” but do appreciate the 12 steps, so your approach is refreshing! Thank you for writing and inspiring.


  2. Aha! What a great find, with the guidance of others. Thank you for ALL the pearls of wisdom you have left behind. Relentless would be an understatement, I look forward to more reading as I get comfortable with this new path.


    • Well, hello there, my friend. Glad you found me here at SoR. If you’d like, you can subscribe via the sign-up form on the main page to receive each new post in your email.

      Of course, now I’m going to feel bad until I make a long overdue appearance back at the forum!😉


  3. Will do. No worries. I posed a couple questions back before the holidays on your Step 4 posts. I was able to work through some things on my own so I think the exercise worked itself out. I spend alot of time in archives, some really cool stuff I can absolutely relate to. I kind of stalked you down via KG, also some really great stuff in archives. Glad to stumble across your blog half way round the world. I’ll make it a habit of visiting more. Looking forward to exploring.


  4. howdy Ron M! I accidentally discover this place, and find it encouraging reading your blogs. will visit every now and then, keep posting!


  5. This is an interesting subject Spirit Of Recovery. For many years I suffered with an addiction, such as alcohol and drugs. I return to Alcoholic Anonymous years ago, and decided I have had enough, at that point I surrender. Being sober has allow me a new way of life, and have accepted many challenges in Sobriety. Today I thank God for ordering my step. Last month October 1, 2014, I celebrated 33 years being sober. In my book Redeem Yourself: To Thy Own Self Be True, I speak about recovery and spirituality. Thanks for allowing me to share.

    Peace and Blessing
    Jerome Livingston


  6. This blog motivated me greatly to get myself into rehab last year.

    I am not 8 months clean and I’m looking to give back to the recovery community that helped me during my time of need. If there’s anyway I can help a reader or the site, please reach out.

    I know how dark the world can feel during addiction, but there is light…believe me.

    Thank you for your continued dedication and support Ron.


  7. Am grateful to find a blog I will grow in, am in nigeria and you only get recovery through a rehab which a lot of these rehab’s use other addictive drugs to try and use to get one sober because of. No insight into recovery ,most rehab’s treat addicts as degenerates, mental cases and never as a disease, I was lucky to have found a rehab that uses the twelve steps in recovery, I don’t know of any AA and only one NA, so after rehab you are on your own no sponsor nothing and even at that whether you spend 30 or 90 days you only treat steps 1 to step 6 you are left, to figure the rest on your own, I have depending on the Internet for my sobriety and am happy to be part of this blog. May God bless you and keep you.


  8. Gosh, I could spend all my days reading here, Ron. As usual your wisdom oozes out of the pages and I’m grateful for your inspiration. Thank you from the bottom to the very top of my heart and outwards into the great beyond! Blue


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