Book Review: A Recovery Journey

In three small volumes, John T. Marohn gives us a penetrating, starkly honest view into his personal inventory process. The details of his life are there to let us know what it was like, yet they remain low-key throughout the series. Unlike so many other recovery books today, he weaves the details of his past into the narrative of where he is today and how he got there. Most refreshing of all, there is not the slightest hint of the victim mentality that taints so much of the genre.

Book I opens with the author at his bottom and voluntarily entering rehab. From there, we enter his journey of self-discovery, into his thought process as he worked through his fears, delusions, maladaptive behaviors, and conflicting beliefs, to name a few of the items covered. The chapter on surrender alone is worth the price of the book.

Book II continues with excellent treatments on such topics as fear, identity, healing, and relationships. The second book also includes priceless insights into happiness, hope, and authenticity.

In the third volume of the trilogy, the author waxes philosophical on topics ranging from “The Perils of Certainty” to “The Divinity Within” and more while maintaining his focus on what it all means to his recovery and growth.

Throughout the three volumes, I found many of my own notions validated, some challenged, and much that I’ve yet to even consider. Anyone who is recovered or recovering, or is wondering what an honest and thorough personal inventory might entail, will be better for reading this series.